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It has been said, “Even the Sun directs our gaze away from itself and to the life illumined by it.” If you think back to the beautiful and golden days of your life, it is impossible to imagine those moments without the glory of the sunshine casting the life-giving light across the plane of our existence. The sun, in so many ways, is the light of our life on this planet. We look to the sun for energy, growth, wellness, and our daily humanity. There is an allure to a life lived out in the warmth of the sun. A life in the light. Free and full of energy. This is the life we long for all through winter, and in the dark of night. We look to the sun to move us into our universe and into our very soul. However, along with this great power, the sun has shown us both life-giving and and life-altering affects.

At Violette, we have a deep love and respect for this awesome power. It is our dream, through every product and garment we create, all the knowledge that we share, and every stories that we tell, to help others live a life outside of the ordinary. A life in the light. After all, isn’t that we are all seeking? A life in the light…

Embrace the sun. Embrace the light of day. Dance in the shade of your own silhouette. Find inspiration. Find joy. Find Music. Find your passion. Find yourself. Find the light.

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